Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Nanny Church Time

My fellow clergy, many of whom resemble weebles, now have a national organization informing them that they are to walk for exercise; and to encourage their parishioners to do the same.  Sometimes the Episcopal Church is also your nanny.  They even have a "big brother" site where they and others may track the progress of individual clergy and laity.

Once again I find myself ahead of the church, as I started a very specific exercise program three months ago.  Frustrated by the difficulty I was having climbing steps after knee surgery, I decided to set an impossible goal for myself.  Namely, I was going to attempt to pass the United States Marine Corps physical fitness test for men over the age of 46.  [I was hoping they'd have a 60+ that I could attempt, but it seems that Marines are only that old in movies.]

After only three months of three to four gym [yes, I still call it "gym"] sessions per week, even using these weird machines they now have, I passed the strength and conditioning portion of the test two weeks ago.  Actually, I passed the version established for those between the ages of 27-39.  In your face, Nanny Church!

The only portion remaining is the cardio remnant.  While I can easily cover six miles in twenty minutes on a bicycle, I still have to cut off an average 24 seconds per mile from the three measured-mile run.  That'll come; it just takes a little longer with missing knee cartilage.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt to climb stairs anymore.

Anyone interested in forming a group of Roxbury Ramblers for recreational walking in and about our lovely town, give the rector's office a call.