Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Climatology Confuses Me

Scientists say WA reef growth unsustainable

For years, those of us involved in water sports, and high school students who have no choice in the matter, have been lectured about how pollution is killing the world's coral reefs.  Now, this. It's almost as if, when there is no ready explanation, we rely on the catch-all of "global warming/cooling/climate change" to label the phenomenon.

This quotation caught my attention: "Corals are already responding rapidly to the environmental changes that we're imposing upon them."  Right, by healthy growth instead of slow death.  Why is this bad, again?  And really, which is it?  Are we killing the coral reefs or making them teem with life and growth?  I'm all at sea [no pun intended]. 

If you're interested in beach and water protection, I've been a member of this group for some time.  They, too, are overly reliant on the warming/cooling/change explanation, but they do actively promote beach and water cleanliness and organize events to do something about it.