Friday, December 18, 2009

A Word About The Weekend Weather

I've gotten two questions today about our Sunday schedule in regards to the possibility of a storm. While I think that we have little to worry about [see map above], one of the great things about this weblog is the ability to disseminate information efficiently.

So, question #1: Will we have church on Sunday?

Short answer: Yes, at 8 and 10am.

Long answer: I haven't missed a Sunday due to weather in my career, even when I lived 40 miles away from an interim parish. Now that I live right next door, I have even less of an excuse not to be there dispensing the sacrament. Do not travel if you feel that it's dangerous, but know that I will be here ready to go on Sunday morning.

Question #2: Will we have the pageant on Sunday afternoon?

Short answer: Yes, at 4:30pm

Long answer: While I will wait to form a final opinion about this until early on Sunday, my inclination at this point is to assume that whatever weather we get will be manageable and cleared by the late afternoon.

Please check this site for continuing information from the Rectory Weather Desk.