Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weather Update

4:40am: Still coming down; roads are being plowed but not the parish parking lot yet. Time to start shoveling the front of the church. Maybe.

4:57am: Okay, that was a bad idea. Drifting snow is making it difficult. Maybe I'll wait until dawn. Good thing it's not ten degrees warmer, or else those large flakes would be even more of a problem.

5:04am: Gee, what a novel idea: Southbury church: Service will go on

5:59am: Snow seems to be tapering off; strong wind is creating drifts, though, and the roads are still slippery even when plowed.

6:11am: Okay, forget what I said about the snow tapering off....

6:18am: Lt. Vance of the State Police is advising people to stay off the roads. Clearly, he doesn't understand the idea of the collection plate [Just kidding].

6:42am: A couple of guys came by to help me shovel [Well, I helped them. Well, I shoveled, too, just not as well] and to plow the parking lot. Now it feels like nap time.

6:50am: I almost forgot. The lections for the Fourth Sunday of Advent may be found here.

9:01am: A dozen people attended the 8am Eucharist and we are a "go" for the pageant.