Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's That Day, Again?

I wasn't near a computer on Monday or Tuesday, having rediscovered the joys of the rugged life [early morning hikes, wood chopping, turkey stalking, and fibreglass installation] that now take the place of sitting numbly in front of a screen and reading of the world, and didn't have a chance to comment on two important days.

Monday was the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. 233 years if I remember correctly. ["Whatever It Takes"] I appreciate that marking this anniversary must puzzle some Episcopalians, but I have my reasons. If this angers someone, I would suggest they read about that Jesus fella. He wasn't keen on hating.

Tuesday was Veterans' Day. I looked to the front page of the New York Times that day for some wisdom and found this:

Well, that's okay. The NYT hasn't been a big fan of veterans for about forty years now. Maybe the Episcopal Church had something to say:

Errr, never mind. Respecting the dignity of every human being is difficult work. I know The Church didn't mean to ignore the day out of malice. I'm sure there were Sunday bulletin inserts that could be found. Besides, I stopped by a Veterans' Day ceremony on Tuesday and realized that I was the youngest person in attendance by about ten years. [I guess younger folks find it hard to lay a wreathe with an Ipod in one hand and a Starbucks cup in the other.] Maybe this is a day that has lost its relevance.

So, thanks to all those who have born the cost of democracy in ways that are not always respected in the post-modern world. It's the best we can do for those who did their best.