Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Of Course

Four years ago, when John Kerry lost the presidential election, the portions of the country that did not vote for him were certain folks. Actually, it wasn't just that these folks were disappointed that some states were not overwhelmed by the ideology of Kerry or his remarkably Gallic looks, they placed the blame on faith in Jesus. Y'know, the religion that guarantees that it's practitioners are against the benefits of liberty and education.

Apparently in 2004, you could choose either Kerry or Jesus, a choice that either absurdly elevated a remarkably prosaic politician or obscenely diminished a 2000-year-old trans-cultural religion. To choose the former meant you were so high minded that you could import Canada into the United States [I'm sure Canadians were delighted at that prospect]. To choose the latter meant that you were a dolt, and a superstitious one at that. Through Jesus we may be granted remission of sins, but only through Kerry would one get both liberty and education.

Now that the bulk of the counties of the country voted for the current President-Elect, I'm wondering if that means those of us who were born and raised in "Jesusland" are now permitted acceptance into the United States of Liberty and Education. If so, gee, thanks.