Monday, July 24, 2017

Random "Jack Kerouac" References

The sign of a tepid writer is to refer to Jack Kerouac, however obliquely, in some article.  Heck, I've done it myself.  I particularly enjoy it when it's a review of a $1 million motor home or vacation in some resort with three hot tubs per room.  Yep, that really captures the spirit of On The Road.

Anyway, as it's far more prevalent than I originally realized, we'll offer some examples from time to time.  Here's this week's, from [no kidding] Outlook Business, a non-ironic magazine about wealthy people and their values:
I am drawn to haiku (a form of poetry) by early Japanese masters Matsuo Bashō and Kobayashi Issa and modernist Jack Kerouac. Lyrical with the subtle precision of Zen they elevate ordinary movements of nature to almost the sacred. I also want to rediscover Rabindranath Tagore’s literature.
Hahaha.  So, Kerouac is a "modernist" now.  Sure.