Friday, April 28, 2017

My Parents Were Staunch Democrats

My grandfather was a union shop steward who was devoted to FDR, my Dad the treasurer of the county's Democratic Party, my mother the Democratic representative to the local school board. Sometimes, the proverbial "smoke-filled room" was my parents' living room.  But, as they were Mid-Westerners, they would neither recognize nor be welcomed by the current party.  November's election did not surprise me.  It should not have surprised the party, either.
And what I am here to say is that the midwest is not an exotic place. It isn’t a benighted region of unknowable people and mysterious urges. It isn’t backward or hopelessly superstitious or hostile to learning. It is solid, familiar, ordinary America, and Democrats can have no excuse for not seeing the wave of heartland rage that swamped them last November.
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