Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just One Problem....

Weekend Update Slams Excessive Gun Ownership: ‘What Are We Preparing For, a Rap Beef?’

An acquaintance of mine was, until he moved on to another assignment, a clandestine security guard at NBC headquarters in New York.  While on duty, which included Saturday nights, he was armed with a Glock 17 and a Smith and Wesson .38 Airweight with a Remington 870 secured in a nearby closet.  During the skit described above, over sixty weapons were in service protecting the two cast members.

So, it's okay for NBC "talent" to be guarded at all times by heavily armed men and women who protect the cast of Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show from the audience members, but the rest of the country is to be mocked for exercising reasonable care in maintaining their safety?

Glock, S&W, and Remington?  What are you preparing for, NBC?  A rap beef?  [This actually makes me hungry for a beef wrap.]