Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Word About Waves

A few years ago I worked with some members of the Christian Surfers organization [yes, there is such a thing; just look at my rear license plate frame] and we spoke of how one may learn something from each wave one rides. Actually, that also includes the waves one chooses not to ride.

Anyway, from that I developed a series of meditative "waves", each different and each using a quotation from sacred or secular writing as the springboard for a spiritual discussion and eventual meditative composition. [Episcopal and other colleagues: I know what you're thinking. This is copyrighted, so if you want to borrow or otherwise appropriate this idea, you better give me a call first.  I have monster attorneys.] It is also a good technique for those who wish to begin their days of Lent with some sort of meditative focus.

So, for the duration of the season, I will offer a daily "meditative wave" for that purpose. Again, one may learn something from every wave, even if that something knocks you around a little.