Friday, January 21, 2011

Occasionally, I Miss My Days As A School Teacher...

...and then I read stories like these and I am reminded that, while the Episcopal Church has its own brand of institutional lunacy, there is a certain splendor to how schools manage to make problems for themselves:

Boy sent home from school for wearing Steelers jersey

"A 13-year-old student at Tacoma's Truman Middle School just wanted to show his team spirit when he wore a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey to his school's Seahawks appreciation day on Friday.  But school administrators sent [the student] home, saying his choice of clothing was inappropriate...."

Not to be outdone, in Charlotte, if you wish to eat lunch with your child, you may, as long as you follow the process:

"Parents who want to eat with their kids in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools cafeterias are expected to register as volunteers and get a criminal-background check - which comes with daily monitoring for new violations."