Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today's T-SP Meeting

We hosted a clergy group today in Roxbury, the Tri-State Pilgrims. It's made up of rectors who have also served in significant non-parish roles.  None of those present had ever experienced Roxbury before, so after breakfast from the Market, a hike through the Land Trust, and breathing deeply of the country air, they wanted to live here.  Instead of putting them up in the rectory indefinitely, I offered to host the next meeting.

The beauty of this gathering is that clergy who get parish-bound tend to think two-dimensionally.  Because the gathering was made up of clergy who have served in parishes, schools, prisons, hospitals, and various civil service chaplaincies [not to mention in religious orders], the discussions tend to be broad ranged, interdisciplinary, and much more likely to lead to greater innovation in outreach and liturgical programs.  Certainly, that was the case today.

Anyway, I pass along their thanks and appreciation to the folks of Christ Church who enabled this meeting.